A must-have for any kids room.

If your kids don't start learning the AWS Dashboard now, they'll be in your basement until they are 35.

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Your child shouldn't miss a single Cloudwatch alert

Our toy integrations make sure that your child can drill on AWS service names wherever they are.

Satisfied Parents

"My child was a huge fuck up but with the help of the AWS poster they're well on their way to a successful life of getting paged at 3AM because the web team can't write a stable service." - Parent at YC Company

Enjoy AWS-Style Pricing

Pay just $0.0007 per hour and $0.003 per glance from your child.

Happy Dads

"The AWS poster has led to healthy conversations with my child, especially how to show the green checkmark even when things are not going so well." - Manager

AWS Discover Seat

Baby can learn how to balance applications across AZ's, click "start EC2 instances like this one" and about the consistency guarantees of Dynamo.